Learning Cycle

Learning Cycle & Professional Development

The WRPS Learning Cycle is a working model for applying effective teaching research through thoughtful and deliberate implementation. 

It provides four key elements that teachers and support staff use to plan for improved student learning or professional growth.

The four Learning Cycle Elements:

Are goals set by the province or the jurisdiction. Staff is expected to learn the knowledge skills and attitudes required for new initiatives.

Knowing the outcomes, staff will choose how to implement each
initiative. In WRPS, staff are encouraged and supported in using practices that have been proven effective.

While using proven practices, staff will find methods of assessment to help them understand how they are progressing. Based on this knowledge, staff will adapt their approaches to address areas that might be challenging in order to maximize approaches.    

Having adapted and refined approaches, staff evaluations will be based on the outcomes, the practices and assessments that have been maximized. Evaluation serves as a final assessment. 

Three Types of Professional Growth Days

WRPS recognizes three different types of professional growth days.

Designed for large group instruction and information organized by the division.

Provide schools time to address school level initiatives.

Professional Development days in which activities selected support the school’s/division’s focus and the staff member’s personal growth plan.