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Educational Services / Special Education

Educational Services encompass services for children and youth with special education needs within our school division.  Special Education is based on the belief in the value and dignity of all students. The purpose of special education is to provide appropriate educational opportunities and equitable benefits for all students with exceptional needs. This school division embraces a commitment to the provision of support services that make it possible for students with exceptional needs to receive an education based on their potential and appropriate to their level of ability.

For more information, please contact Kristien Holtby, Director at

Education services focus on addressing the social, emotional, behavioral and learning needs of students. 

Support is provided through:

  • school-based personnel (collaborative support team)
  • learning support teachers in each school
  • central office support including the services of the Behavioral Specialist

Our belief is that support must be accomplished through a collaborative process that would include the parent/guardian.

For more information on School Board requirements for serving students with special education. needs, please visit Alberta Education's Standards for Special Education.

The following guidelines shall guide the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of special education programs in Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools:

  • Students with special educational needs will, to the greatest extent possible, be placed in inclusive settings in neighborhood schools
  • Students with special educational needs may require additional support and services to appropriately address their specific educational needs
  • Identification of students with special educational needs is an important component of program planning
  • Assessment instruments assist in developing and implementing appropriate programming for students with special educational needs
  • Special education programming is based on the assessed needs of students and is delivered through a variety of educational options
  • Education of students with exceptional needs involves collaboration and cooperation among those involved
  • Placement decisions are made in consultation with parents
  • Educational programs and placements take into account the resources available to the school division
  • Evaluation on a continuous basis within the Individualized Program Plan (IPP) is an integral part of a student's program and support plan
  • Transition planning is crucial and needs to be addressed within the IPP

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