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Wireless Access

How to Connect your Personal Device to WRPS Wi-Fi

Steps to connect:

  • Within your device, Select the “WRPS-Personal” SSID for Wi-Fi Network.
  • Go surfing the web. You should be presented with the following screen.

 photo wrpsuserindetificationprotal_zps21f7577f.jpg

  • Enter your WRPS Network Username and Password and press the “Login” button.
  • If successfully authenticated, you can start surfing the web.

***Note: On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, etc), a 2nd Log in screen will appear that says “success”, press the “Done” button to continue.

If unsure how to select a Wi-Fi Network on your personal device, click on the example below:

Troubleshooting Tips:

Tired of re-authenticating after autolock?

Follow these instructions to reconfigure the timeout on your device.

Apple Devices

If you receive a “Hotspot login cannot open the page because the network connection was lost” message within Safari, ensure the Auto-Login option is turned off.

For IOS version 6 

  • Choose Settings -> Wi-Fi
  • On Wi-Fi page (bottom) turn on 'Ask to Join Networks'
  • Connect to WRPS-Personal
  • After connecting, you will see a blue arrow next to WRPS-Personal
  • Press the blue arrow to get the connection detail of WRPS-Personal

 photo iphonets-1_zps7973d808.jpg 

  • Turn on Auto-Join
  • Turn off Auto-Login

 photo iphonets-2_zps86bc19a9.jpg

  • Close settings
  • Go to Safari and login to User Identification Portal.

For IOS version 7

Users login must already have access to the website or they receive and error “Hotspot login cannot open the page because the network connection was lost”. Once the user has access (login with your Apple_ID), the fix is to:

  1. Choose your Wi-Fi and get connected
  2. On Wi-Fi page at the bottom Turn On 'Ask to Join Networks'
  3. Connect to your Wi-Fi,
  4. After connecting, you will see a blue circled "i" to your right of the selected Wi-Fi
  5. Press the blue circled "i" and get into the connection detail of your Wi-Fi
  6. Turn on Auto-Join
  7. Turn Off Auto-Login
  8. Close settings
  9. Go to Safari and login with WRPS credentials on web page

*Note: Trick is the Auto-Login must be turned off.

**Note: Captive pages are used to restrict internet access only to authorized parties.