City of Wetaskiwin - Barb Johnson

What positive, student-centered ideas do you have for moving Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools forward in its vision of student success in the next four years?

During this next term, I hope to encourage Students to participate and contribute their thoughts and ideas to the School Board and to the Provincial Government.  Curriculum is currently under review and it is a massive undertaking that will involve stakeholders from all walks of life.

I would like to see the RAP Program grow and flourish and this will mean cooperation with our City and County Councilors in all areas of the Jurisdiction.  I believe that we need to find meaningful opportunities for our students to experience success; and to gain positive and marketable skills.

I have lobbied long and hard to ensure that the Rural MLA’s are aware of the growing need for Mental Health and Wellness workers in our Rural Communities.  These services are essential to our Students and our Families and the issues that prevent access are growing at a very rapid rate.  There needs to be cooperation between Alberta Health Services, Family & Community Services, Youth Justice and the School Division to ensure that we are supporting our at-risk students.

What do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role of school trustee?

I believe that I have a strong commitment to the students in our Division; weighing the balance between the WANTS and the NEEDS has always been a challenge for the Board.   Helping the community at large understand what is possible and since each and every one of our schools is a ‘community’ in and of itself the Board does have to make some decisions as a whole and yet leave room for the Administration and School/Parent Council to decide on the things that important to them.

What other information do you want people to know about you?

 I believe that School Boards are an integral part of our Communities and will continue to lobby for the Local Autonomy that has and continues to be challenged by the Provincial Government.  Since we now know that the current Government of Alberta is looking at Amendments to existing School Act we will need to be mindful of how they choose to present these Amendments.


Barb Johnson