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Foundational Statements


A learning community that nurtures hope and inspires a sense of purpose for all.


A culture of continuous learning where students are safe to cultivate individual potential.

Priorities (revised February 15, 2022)

  1. Champion student and staff well-being.
  2. Strengthen relationships with Indigenous communities and advance the TRC Calls to Action.
  3. Assess and address the disruptions and barriers to student learning.
  4. Support early childhood learning in partnership with families.
  5. Explore and develop innovative programming opportunities.
  6. Engage with parents and school communities.


  1. Our students will receive a quality education in a culture that is inclusive, supports mutual respect, celebrates diversity, and respects the dignity of those we serve and for those who serve.

  2. Our students achieve their full potential and actively participate in their learning.

  3. Our staff values growth and development of their skills in a collaborative environment to engage students in their learning.

  4. Our parents and communities have a major supporting role to play in the education of our students.

  5. Our stakeholders are involved in cooperative and collaborative decision-making.

  6. Our Board honours individual beliefs, practices, customs and rituals that are deeply personal and embedded in virtually all cultures and traditions, which provide guidance for principled living.


Inspiring students to become the best they can be.

Tag Line

Making learning visible