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Early Education/Pre-Kindergarten

Early Education (Pre-Kindergarten) programming at Queen Elizabeth School supports children between the ages of two and a half years and 5 years of age (by September 1, annually) in reaching emotional, social, intellectual and physical developmental milestones. 

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools provides early intervention programming through its Early Education Program at Queen Elizabeth School as of September 2021. This program has been offered at Lynn Lauren Early Education School until June 2021.

The Early Education Program is based on these principles:

  • Family Focused
  • Play-Based Learning
  • Literacy-Rich Environments
  • Emergent Curriculum (connecting curriculum outcomes with children’s interests)

The Early Education Program at Queen Elizabeth School offers daily classes in either the morning or the afternoon based on the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Regular School Year Calendar.

Early Education Programming Offers:

  • Small class sizes
  • Play-based learning
  • Literacy and language-rich environments
  • An emphasis on:
    • Communication skills
    • Fine and gross motor development
    • Social interaction

  • Individualized programming based on unique strengths and needs of each child
  • Helpful strategies for parents and caregivers to support their child to learn, work, engage and play in healthy, positive ways
  • A multidisciplinary support team, including:
    • Parents/caregivers
    • Certificated Teachers
    • Educational Assistants
    • Consultative Services:
      • Occupational therapists
      • Physical therapists
      • Speech-language pathologists
      • Educational consultants