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Green Certificate

Agricultural hands-on training

  • Excellent opportunity for young people to gain experience and training in one of the prime industries of the Alberta economy
  • Enter a variety of agriculture-related, structured learning pathways as a part of their senior high school program and earn credentials leading to a career in agribusiness
  • Focus on High school Completion
  • Each Green Certificate course is a 33-level course and all credits earned in Green Certificate courses count towards Grade 12 graduation requirements.
  • 16 credits in the specialization of your choice
  • Students are already doing many of these practices on their farm (ex. driving the tractor, vaccinating, working with animals, etc…)



The Green Certificate Specializations

  • Beekeeper production

  • Cow calf beef production

  • Dairy production

  • Equine production

  • Feedlot beef production

  • Field crop production

  • Greenhouse production

  • Irrigated field crop production

  • Poultry Production
    • Broiler Chicken
    • Broiler hatching egg
    • Table egg
    • Turkey

  • Sheep production

  • Swine production