HOGG, Donna

City of Wetaskiwin - Donna Hogg

What positive, student-centered ideas do you have for moving Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools forward in its vision of student success in the next four years?

I am increasingly concerned about the mental health of our students. Students are coming to school hungry, tired and a lot of them are experiencing unhappy home life. Our students are growing up in an era where both parents are working, or are in single parent homes and children have to cope with growing up without all of the essential supports in place."

Even though there are anti-bullying programs in place, there are students experiencing bullying and feel they have no place to turn. We need to communicate with everyone, parents, school administrators, teachers and students. I believe that teachers are increasingly being tasked to deal with complex situations that are beyond the classroom. I would like to see the board work collaboratively with teaching staff to utilize the new classroom Improvement Fund.

I would also like to stress communication, we can’t fix what we don’t know about.

What do you feel are the most important qualities you bring to the role of school trustee?

I am a fair-minded team player, a good listener and a genuine hard worker.  I care deeply about our youth of today and want to provide the best school learning environment for each and everyone of the students of Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools.

What other information do you want people to know about you?

I have had experience in school board administration and also as a trustee.  I know the system and I am willing to lobby at the provincial level for the needs of our staff and students.


Donna Hogg
Email: bdhogg@telusplanet.net