Alder Flats School: ‘Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council’

Alder Flats Elementary students had the opportunity to engage in environmental education programs through ‘Eagle Point-Blue Rapids Parks Council'.  Students were networking with nature, connecting to wellness. 

Grades K-2 students took part in a ‘Bugology’ program focusing on small crawling and flying invertebrates. At the pond station students were able to investigate and observe living plants and creatures in the water.

Grades 3/4 and 4/5 spent time at the Pembina Nordic Center, taking part in outdoor education, indoor nature crafts and playing games and in the afternoon exploring the ‘Wonder of Wetlands.’

Grades 3-6 took part in ‘Metis Traditions’, a full day experiencing a ceremonial smudge, Tipi teachings, and exploring Metis and Indigenous customs. 

The experience meets the Board's fifth priority to "explore and develop innovative programming opportunities" for our students.


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