Parent Choice

Welcome to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools!

A school is designated to your child based on where your residence is located.  If you do not know which school is your designated school E-mail: Transportation Services or Telephone: 780-352-8078 ext. 242, refer to our division maps for clarification, or use our School Locator tool.

Families have the right to request a school other than their designated school.  Refer to Administrative Procedure 305 School Attendance Areas

If you choose to register in a school other than your designated school you must complete and submit FORM 305-1 Parent Choice School Admission Application to the principal at the school of your choice.  Approval to attend a school of parent choice requires that there is sufficient space, resources and facilities available to accommodate the student. We may not confirm your application until September.

When students attend a school other than the one they have been directed to attend, transportation becomes the parent's/guardian's responsibility. Refer to the Transportation Services section of this website for more information.  A student's designated school is the school that lies within their Transportation Service Area. The Board may, however, make Transportation Service Area Exemption busing available to ineligible students who reside 2.4 km or more from the school they have chosen to attend provided that:

  1. The school has accepted the student(s);
  2. There is space available on an existing bus route;
  3. There is no diversion from regular routing;
  4. Parents accept responsibility to meet the bus at a designated stop on the route;
  5. Where there is insufficient space on an existing route to provide transportation to all parents requesting school of parent choice busing, priority shall be given to those who have attended the school of parent choice the longest; and
  6. Available seats shall be provided on a first come first serve basis to new school of parent choice applicants.

Where transportation is available a fee is charged to transport your child to a school of parent choice. Refer to the Transportation Handbook for more information. Parents must annually submit to the Transportation Services Department the Application Form 16-1 Application for Transportation.  This form is also available at all WRPS schools.

Transportation privileges for school of parent choice students may be revoked at any time if space availability becomes an issue, because the priority is always given to the eligible passengers in that designated transportation service area.

To determine the school catchment area you live in: School Locator