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New Student Online Registration

Welcome! We look forward to having your child(ren) join our school community.

If you are new to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools please locate the designated school closest to your home address and visit their website for online registration information. 

To determine the school catchment area you live in view: School Locator

2020-2021 Registration Information

Student Registration Process 2020-2021
Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools developed a standardized student registration process and timeline. All schools in the division are following the same registration process.  Student attendance areas are established by the Board to optimize enrollment in each school.  Student enrollment impacts manageable class size, school staffing and resources.  A school is designated based on where the student’s residence is located. 

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Each school distributed registration verification documents for current students to ensure their registration for the 2020-21 school year. Parents were asked to return the forms to the school by April 15, 2020 to ensure verification of registration for next year and to ensure the school has accurate contact and personal information.

Families who want to request a school of choice must be aware that acceptance in a school of choice will be not be guaranteed and will be contingent on whether or not there is space in the program and resources are available. Students who live in a designated attendance area are ensured registration followed by other WRPS resident students with non-resident students having the third right of access.

School of choice and non-resident student applications will be accepted however a decision about school of choice and non-resident applications will be contingent on the above criteria.  Families will be informed of the decision once it is made.

First day of classes for 2020-2021 is September 2, 2020.

Visit your child's school website for pertinent 2020--2021 Registration information. 

School Registration


To be eligible to attend Kindergarten children must be five years of age by the last day of December in the year they wish to register for Kindergarten see Administrative Procedure 300 Admission Age of Students.   You will be required to complete the forms included in the "Getting Ready for Kindergarten Package".

Grades 1 to 12
If your child already attends school within Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, he/she will be automatically registered at the same school for the following year and you do not need to re-register your child however the school will provide a verification of registration to ensure they have accurate information on file.  In cases where your child is transitioning from elementary to junior high or junior to senior high school, your child will be automatically registered in the appropriate school according to WRPS school boundaries.

Independent Student:
Independent Student means a student who is

a) 18 years of age or older, or
b) 16 years of age or older and

i. living independently as determined by a board in accordance with section 6 of the Education Act, or
ii. is party to an agreement under section 57.2 of the Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act.

If you are new to the division, you must complete FORMS:

320-1 Student Registration Form
140-1 Technology Responsible Use Agreement
354-1 Locker Use Agreement, and
16-1 Application for Transportation (if required).

Remit these directly to the school you wish to register your child at.

This registration form is a legal document, and must include a document of proof of birth.  It must be accurate and complete. 

The student registration form is used to enroll a student who is new to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools, or who is returning to the district.

It is also used to record important information changes, such as changes to:

·       Legal name of the student or parent or guardian
·       Legal relationship of parent/guardian to student
·       Entitlement to francophone rights

School of Choice
Families have the right to choose a school other than their designated school.  Refer to the School of Choice section of this website for more information.