Indigenous Program is awarded $913,812 IFNE Grant

Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools (WRPS)' Indigenous Program was successful with its recent grant application for $913,812 in funding over three years for the Alberta Education "Innovations in First Nations Education" (IFNE) Grant Program.

The Innovation in First Nations Education (IFNE) Grant Program provides opportunities to build upon collaborative work started through the Building Collaboration and Capacity in Education (BCCE) Grant Program, previously received by WRPS in 2015, by developing school-based programs and initiatives that meet student needs and strengthen opportunities for student success.

WRPS will use these grant funds to advance the academic success for our Indigenous students:

  • Students will be supported:
    • to achieve high standards in language arts and math,
    • to successfully complete high school 
    • to transition to the workforce or post-secondary education.

To accomplish this, we know that students learn best when they are connected to the adults who undertsand student context and the need to provide a resilient environment which fosters a strong sense of belonging. The provision of Cree Language and Land Based Learning curriculum will validate traditional knowledge and culture, supporting students to feel valued and improving engagement.

Our three goals are:

  • Goal 1: Students demonstrate a strong foundation in Language Arts and Mathematics.
  • Goal 2: Facilitate staff development in the Trauma Informed and Restorative Practices to positively impact a safe and caring learning environment and increase sense of belonging for students and families.
  • Goal 3: Develop and model Land Based Learning lessons for division 2 (fall, winter and spring).

The project will receive $304,604 annually for a total of $913,812 over the 3 years. Project funding advances commitments identified in our Indigenous Strategic Direction and program outcomes.

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