A Kindergarten Adventure

The Parkdale Kindergarten class went on a walking field trip to the Wetaskiwin Public Library Thursday, April 20th. Walking field trips give an opportunity to look and talk about many things seen. Students were able to see a very large truck at No Frills backing up to unload groceries into the store. They talked about the different stores on main street and how to cross different roads safely. When the group reached the library they were met by Ms. Kat, who gave a tour, read two amazing books and gave the students bookmarks to color. Students enjoyed eating lunch in the teenager room where there were booths to sit in. After lunch they had fun trying to catch bubbles flowing around and above them in the children’s book area. So much fun! They also went to the library playground which is right beside the library. They talked about the “Little Free Library” which is attached to the fence. People leave books and take books to read. It is shaped like a house. Thank you to all the parent helpers who participated in this educational adventure!  Thank you Library staff for spending time with the Parkdale Kindergarten class! The children loved it!   

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