Norwood School Students and Staff Start Their Day with Smudging

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As 2021 and the new Cree Lunar Calendars start off a new year, Norwood is focusing on a fresh start to January and leaving the old year in the past.

Our smudging leaders are starting the year and every day by filling our minds, souls and bodies with positive thoughts and energy. Our two Grade 5 smudging leaders, Troy and Warren, take pride in their role and how important it is to many of our students at Norwood.  They know that promoting positive energy and establishing a positive mindset at the beginning of each day is so important and especially during COVID times. They welcome all students who wish to come smudge with them. By doing so, they support everyone in appreciating and maintaining traditional Cree ways.  

WRPS is fortunate to have a Board with the belief that: "Our Board honours individual beliefs, practices, customs and rituals that are deeply personal and embedded in virtually all cultures and traditions, which provide guidance for principled living." Our smudging practices in Norwood School and many other WRPS schools are one example of living out this belief statement.

Hiy Hiy to all of our smudging leaders over the years for their leadership. A special Hiy Hiy goes to Naddy, this fall’s smudge leader!  The sweetgrass and sage have now been passed to Warren and Troy.

Hiy Hiy for helping our school move forward into 2021 in such a positive way! 

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