Making Math Exciting to Learn at Pipestone School

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As part of Pipestone School's math learning this year, staff set a priority to improve basic number facts for all students.  The purpose was to create math fact recall that supports high-level thinking skills needed for math operations in meeting the curricular outcomes.

This year our school was fortunate to receive financial support from our school's fundraising society (Friends of Pipestone School) that covered a one-year license for one class of students to pilot an online program called Reflex Math.  The photo illustrates students using Chromebooks for practicing and improving their math. While we're still learning about the program, the teacher, Ms. Kirwer, found a lot of data to assess how students are progressing, that her Gr 2-3 students had a higher level of engagement in their math work, and that some students are showing improvement at transferring their recall into their classwork.

Mr. Horyn has been developing math facts practice using Microsoft spreadsheets and using Kahoot games.

Mrs. Phillips's class has been part of the WRPS pilot project for a program called Mathletics.  Mrs. Phillips likes that the program can be set so that students must complete certain outcomes before they move on to other interests, that there is a game component to increase student engagement, and that there is a math facts component that allows students to challenge each other.  Mrs. Phillips lets us know that she enjoys getting in on the math fact challenges too! 


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