Improving our Literacy Skills at Falun School

Literacy is our area of focus all across Falun School! Mrs. Blouin’s grade 4/5 class held a reading party to celebrate reaching their reading stamina goal. 

The class developed a goal to be able to read independently for 20 minutes at a time while remaining engaged in their reading. Much like working to increase your stamina while training for a sport, children must practice reading in an undisturbed setting in order to be able to read for longer periods of time without becoming fatigued. By improving their reading stamina, they are able to access longer texts and begin to learn from what they are reading. 

The celebration was themed around a slumber party, allowing students to wear their pyjamas, read their novels by flashlight, and play phonics-based games. Not only did the grade 4/5 students work to accomplish their goal, but they also continued to practise literacy skills in an engaging way!

Building strong reading habits will carry outside of the classroom and create lifelong readers, which is the goal of our work at Falun School and aligns well with the Board's priorities.

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