Griffiths Scott School's Student Leaders

Griffiths Scott students from the Leadership Team (across grades 5 - 8) have been working hard for the past 8 months creating spirit building activities for the entire school. This hard working group is being led by 3 grade 7 students who have been helping come up with theme days, special treats and games for the school to participate in.

Some highlights from the year thus far include The 12 Days of Christmas, where everyday for 12 days students dressed up in a different theme and even provided the school with Hot Chocolate one cold day. They ran a hugely successful Candy Gram sale and made over $600 to support our Christmas Giving project.  

In February the goal for the group was to “Lift Each Other Up” (to go along with Pink Shirt Day). The group cut out 275 stars and had every student write down one thing they do to lift someone up. The stars were then displayed on a large rainbow at the front of the school so we could all see what everyone’s ideas were. 

March is going to bring a “Guess How Many Jar” competition and a St. Patrick’s Day Word scrabble hunt around the school.

All of the Griffins are super lucky to have this active and enthusiastic group of students working to build our school spirit! 

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