Engaging Students in Writing at Falun School

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All students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 at Falun School participated in a school-wide cross-curricular project based on solving the Mystery of the Overturned Library!

As part of the grade 6 science unit on Evidence and Investigation, a crime scene was set up in the library and all Falun School students had to solve the mystery of who trashed the library. Key pieces of evidence were presented including fingerprints, footprints, writing samples, and textile samples, as well as motive and alibi. Eight staff members were identified as suspects and were interviewed by students during the investigation phase. All students had to use their inferencing and reasoning skills to determine the culprit. 

Next, students used this experience to develop their writing skills. They used graphic organizers to organize the information and produce expository writing pieces and newspaper articles. Not only did these pieces expand students’ abilities in writing, but they also allowed for reflection by staff on the progression of writing skills within our school. As a result, they were used to inform our teaching practice and our whole-school approach to writing, thus improving student achievement in literacy.

Learning in this way is one example of achieving the literacy strategies established in the division's Education Plan (see page 14).

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