Yoga at Early Ed Helps the Brain AND the Body!

Yoga is a daily practice at the Early Education Centre.  We have structured yoga time during our day, and also use various postures or techniques throughout our day to refocus or calm our students. Yoga has a multitude of equally important benefits. Physically, it helps develop strength, balance and body awareness. It can also have amazing effects on behavior and mood. Yoga helps to calm the nervous system during times of stress, anxiety or excitement. It can also be used to awaken and refocus the brain.

For our structured yoga time we purposefully choose postures that combine the physical and mental benefits. Most importantly, we always make sure to end on a calming pose like polar bear (child’s pose). Throughout the day we use various breathing techniques to help make transitions smoother or to calm students when necessary.

Some of our favourite poses:

Polar bear – just like child’s pose, this gentle inversion helps to calm the mind. Focus on breath while in polar bear will deepen the calm.

Tree – balancing on one foot obviously works to improve balance, but this super pose also works on core stability, body awareness and focus!

Boat – another amazing pose for building core strength, balance, body awareness and focus. Plus, you can add the soothing rhythmicity of music by singing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” while rowing your arms.

Belly breathing – any breathing exercise that makes the child focus on the in and out movement of their breath is very beneficial. Not only do they get in tune with the rhythmic nature of their own body, which is very calming, but deep breathing also increases oxygen flow and soothes the nervous system which combats stress and anxiety.

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