Visual & Written Art Contest

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The ATA Local #18 - Diversity, Equity, and Human Rights (DEHR) Committee held a creative art contact that was open to all WRPS students.

Grand Prize Entry - Macayla Wyley PLRS 
"The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people". ~Unknown


The purpose of this contest was to advance knowledge, develop skills, and foster inclusion among our students. In keeping with the ATA mission to provide a foundation of learning, developing the citizens of our society, and maximizing the potentials and gifts of each child, the contest was divided among five categories in order to minize the potential advantages of older students.

Awards for each category were determined according to the following criteria:

  • Alignment of composition to the concept/theme;
  • Originality;
  • Creativity.

The contest commenced December 1 and closed on March 23, 2017.

Top submissions in each category are as follows:

Grand Prize ($150 Gift Card) - Macayla Wyley PLRS    

2nd Overall ($100 Gift Card) - Maya Willows Winfield

3rd Overall ($100 Gift Card) - Emma-Rae Lemky Millet


Division 1 - K to Grade 3 - What Does It Look Like to Make Other People Happy?

  1. Top Prize (Class pizza) - Avery Witham Millet                                               
  2. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Scarlette Ford Millet
  3. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Sarah Willows Winfield


Division II - 4 through 6 - Represent "Equity"

  1. Top Prize (Class pizza) - Seth Atkins-Nelson Winfield
  2. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Tristan James Parkdale
  3. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Grace Haley Winfield


Division III - 7 through 9 - Represent "Diversity"

  1. Top Prize ($50 Gift Card) -  Elizabeth Ewing PLRS
  2. Runner Up ($25 Gift Card)  - Eliana Wagner Parkdale


Division IV - 10 through 12 - Represent "Human Rights"

Top Prize ($50 Gift Card) -  Skylayna Burroughs PLRS


Alternate Education - Represent "Who I Am"

  1. Top Prize (Class pizza) - Howard Watson WCHS         
  2. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Tyrel Steppler WCHS
  3. Runner Up (Class Cookies) - Adam Hockin WCHS

Thank you for your participation, and congratulations to all winners!

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