WRPS Students Participate in Round Dances

As part of the activities in recognition of the "National Day of Truth & Reconciliation" on September 30, many WRPS schools participated in round dances with staff and students. 

Indigenous Support Worker, Wayne Caron, shared "The round dance is a special traditional event in Indigenous culture that brings people together for healing."

Instructing the staff and students at Lakedell School and Falun School, he indicated the following:

  • Everyone is welcome to join
  • Together, everyone gathers in a circle and the circle is made larger as people join. Hold hands with the people on either side of you, with your left hand facing up and your right hand facing down.
  • The circle moves to the left because this is the way that the earth moves around the sun and is symbolic of healing.
  • Move to the beat of the drums. The drums are symbolic of acknowledging the heartbeat.
  • Step with your left foot, then slide your right foot next to it. The feet on the ground represent our close connection to the earth.

Given the current Covid-19 restrictions, the experience this year was limited to cohorts rather than the entire student body. Even so, Mr. Donald Teplyske, Lakedell School Principal, shared that this exercise was a powerful way to bring awareness and connect the school community. 

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