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Each March brings renewed excitement as parents register their children for kindergarten in anticipation of the upcoming school year.

At Winfield Elementary, incoming kindergarten children are treated to an additional surprise as each receives a Welcome to Kindergarten package upon registration.

Each package, assembled by school staff, is filled with items including a glue stick, crayons, play dough, plastic numbers and a book to help children make the transition from pre-school programs and home. Based in research that conveys many children arrive at kindergarten without some of the literacy and play experiences that foster positive school success, the Welcome to Kindergarten packages are a way to bridge any gaps that may exist.

Donald Teplyske, school Principal, emphasizes the purpose of this Welcome to Kindergarten bag. “It is not ‘summer work’ for the students, and it is certainly not intended as a burden. By using the toys and tools, the child will acquire skills- fine motor strength and coordination, for example- that will benefit them during their kindergarten year.”

The materials chosen for this package provide children and parents opportunities to become more comfortable with tasks students will experience in kindergarten. Some will be familiar while and others may be new. “Some children have not handled a pair of scissors, haven’t practiced cutting or tracing lines. We hope that by providing some of these materials, we are allowing parents the opportunity to play with their children in a way that will help the child be more comfortable when they come to school in the fall.” Also provided is literature that may guide exploration of the ‘Welcome to Kindergarten’ package.

Materials included were chosen in consultation with speech-language therapists, occupational therapists, and teachers. All provide play experiences, but also contain an element of kindergarten preparation. Additionally, information about the school is included in the packages.

 “In our conversations with parents, we found that some were looking for more information about how the school functions,” Mr. Teplyske explains. “For many parents, this is their first experience with our school and possibly with school in general since they attended. So we include a copy of our school handbook, a note from our School Council, as well as contact information including my cellphone number; we want to make sure that parents feel comfortable contacting us with their questions as we embark on the school journey together.”

Parents are reminded that every child develops at their own rate and a child may succeed easily with one type of task and have no interest in others. That is to be expected, and the school doesn’t want anyone to stress about what a child is not able to accomplish.

Through the introduction of the Welcome to Kindergarten packages, children become even more excited about starting Kindergarten at Winfield Elementary in September.


Photo- Student Explores Welcome to Kindergarten Package

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