New Winfield School - Public Forum

The Board of Trustees will be holding a Public Forum on November 29, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the Winfield School gymnasium.

After commissioning a scoping report on the Winfield School it was determined that due to the facilities deficiencies it is recommended that the Board demolish the existing building and construct a new replacement school.  In response to this scoping report the Board placed Winfield School as its number 1 priority in the 2019-2022 Capital Plan. 

The Board will be required to submit its Capital Plan to the government to see if the Government will fund a new school in Winfield.  If the Board could present community partnership opportunities along with this request it could strengthen our request for the funding a new school.

Join our Board to:

Explore possible partnerships to offer alternative programs
and/or services.

Determine if the community has any ideas and suggestions for
partnership opportunities.

Decide if these alternatives would enhance the community.

Winfield School Public Forum - Letter

Winfield School Public Forum - Poster

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