Wetaskiwin Home Education Students Give Back to the Community

It has been found that many students do not bring lunch to school. As a result, these students have trouble focusing on their learning. The issue for WRPS was, how can we provide nutrition for these students so that they can be successful in their studies. Fortunately for WRPS, the Hope Mission stepped forward and has been providing lunches for students who do not bring a lunch to school. The Hope Mission volunteers provide approximately 500 lunches weekly to students in Wetaskiwin and surrounding area.

To help this ambitious initiative the students and parents from Wetaskiwin Home Education have joined the Hope Mission volunteers to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every Monday morning as the local initiative for their Me to We project. Me to We is a social action movement across Canada that asks students to become involved in one local and one global social action project. Me to We is kicked off in the fall with a motivating presentation in the Calgary Saddledome to inspire kids to become engaged in positive world change. After attending the rally, the students and parents met to decide on their local and global project. Students wanted to become physically involved in a local project and not just raise money. The lunch making project was presented as an idea and the parents and students have embraced this project. They have faithfully shown up every Monday to support the Hope Mission and help to fuel the brains, bodies and spirits of students in the Wetaskiwin area.

In addition to supporting the Hope Mission the Wetaskiwin Home Education have chosen a global project and are selling Rafifki’s which are beaded bracelets.

If you would like to support this global project and purchase a Rafiki bracelet please contact Kathy Stephanson at Wetaskiwin Home Education at stephansonk@wrps11.ca or (780) 312-3000. The money from your purchase will help to purchase goats, develop clean water supplies, access education, grow food or provide health care for a village of people in a developing nation.

We are hoping that you will help support our efforts, as the students learn to be the change they want to see in the world.

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