Wetaskiwin Composite High School Student Sets a New Mark

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When Vince Frender came to Wetaskiwin Composite High School in 2011, there were questions about what his future would hold.  Coming from another school jurisdiction, Vincent’s profile suggested that he should be placed in an academically supported environment, and that perhaps, he should be working toward a High School Completion Certificate, or perhaps, at best, a Knowledge and Employability Certificate.  These programs that are well suited for students who have difficulty with the rigor and complexity of higher academic programs, do not conclude with a high school diploma.  Although it was not realized at the time, Vince would do much more with his educational opportunity.

Following the advice of his past school, Vince started is high school career in the Knowledge and Employability program.  Although Vince’s marks in these courses were not outstanding, there was something about his quiet demeanor and his determination that indicated to his counselors that he was capable of more.  He was put into his first diploma courses in 2012.  He continued to progress, demonstrating a strong aptitude in his Career and Technology Studies.  In particular, Vince would develop skills in welding and a passion to match.

With the support of the Wetaskiwin school staff, counselors and his family, Vince was able to earn his high school diploma.  His hard work and diligence was recognized by his welding teacher who introduced Vince to the Registered Apprenticeship Program.  This program enables students to experience a trade while in high school.  Vince was able to complete his first year of Apprenticeship in Fabrication under the supervision of his teacher, a journeyman welder, Mr. Blacker.  “He is our first,” Mr. Blacker beams.  “With this accomplishment, Vince sets a new mark for our school.”

Vince is now starting a career with Supreme International Limited.  He will be participating as a full graduate in this year’s ceremony for WCHS and he has earned an astounding 154 credits of coursework.  We offer our congratulations to Vincent!  He certainly demonstrates what an individual can do when he works to his potential, and for Vince, potential is unlimited!

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