Wetaskiwin Composite High School Holds Fine Arts Night

Thursday, November 17 was a great night for Fine Arts at WCHS! Students showed what they were capable of with music, drama, art, design, fabrication, cosmetology and baking. 

The night started with beautiful music performed by Mrs. Cox's band students. Later, there was a short drama production and then individual drama presentations by Mrs. Marshall's students. There was even a stand-up comedy routine! During these activities, one could wander the Learning Commons to see amazing examples of student artwork and Mrs. Rusin's cosmetology class presented their gorgeous hairstyles. There were so many examples of the wonderful fine art work that WCHS students can accomplish!

Mrs. Dawn Marshall, organizer of this event, said, “Students were thrilled at the idea of showing their work. Many of the independent artists made their art during lockdown and were able to use the time to flourish in art or to use it as a tool to help with their mental health.  Others were just excited to be part of something that we have not been able to do for years, so we started with a slow re-entry into having audiences view and enjoy our art by keeping it casual.  We need to support the arts as they have been a way for all of us to get through the pandemic, whether it be through music, creating and experimenting with recipes,  movies, series binging or creating tik-toks, it all comes down to art.

And the Treats!!! Thanks to Mrs. Kirameddine and Mrs Kruitbosh's students, there were so many great treats to try! There was cotton candy, snow cones, cheesecake, cookies and cupcakes. 

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