EEFWC Welcomes Visitors

Students at the Wetaskiwin Early Education and Family Wellness Center recently had the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of chicks! The children were able to see our eggs during incubation, hatching and as young babies! They loved to smell, look and listen to the chicks and talked about the colors, texture of their fur, nutrition, and care and how it’s different from other animals!

Everyone was surprised one morning to find another visitor in the playground area! A mother Duck was nesting her two eggs in the school yard for the last few weeks! The children have been asking questions such as “How long does she sit on the eggs?” and “Why does she sit on her eggs?” This natural occurrence has generated many play ideas for the students!

They are role playing families, and pretending to be different animals. This occurrence has also helped facilitate speech and language skills, imagination and emotional regulation.

Learning at it's best!



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