WE Day

On October 27, 2015, approximately two hundred and sixty students and staff boarded school buses at 5:00 am. Destination – Calgary, Alberta, for the 4th annual We Day.

We Day is an inspiration day for students and staff . The focus is “We are the change”. The goal is to empower youth to be the change in their local community and on a global scale. Free the Children Foundation organizes the day for youth by having celebrates (actors, musicians, athletes) to local champions who have accomplished change within their communities sharing stories and personal experiences.   

Fourteen sites in WRPS participated in the day this year. Each of the sites will develop plans throughout this year focused on supporting their local school community, community at large and/or the global community. The results of their plans is shared with the foundation and with each school community.  For more information on We Day and Free the Children- http://cdn.weday.com

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