The Spirit of Giving Thrives at Wetaskiwin Composite High School

The students at Wetaskiwin Composite High School are thinking of those less fortunate this Christmas season.  The Student Council, directed by Jeanette Simpson and Charlene McFeely, has been busy ensuring the needs of others are being considered and understood.  It is an important part of education for our youth and the WCHS Student Council makes the work a priority.

The Student Council undertakes charitable initiatives each year.  This year, the Council’s global initiative involves building the capacity of people in areas of the world that are in need.  This includes WCHS projects to fund the purchase of goats for families in poverty-stricken countries.  The goats will be used to produce much-needed milk to feed the families.  It also provides an opportunity to sell the milk products to provide for their families. The students have found fun and creative ways to raise money.

One initiative called “Stop the Music” raised over $375.00.  Students donated money to stop the school from broadcasting “It’s a Small World” and “The Gummy Bear Song” over the intercom at class breaks.  Once donations reached a target, the music stopped.  Student Council also sold Rafiki Bracelets and delicious Christmas Baking to support the global initiative.  Christmas pictures with Santa and Candygrams were also a part of the fundraising efforts.  The total for these initiatives in December was over $800.00!  These fundraisers will provide 16 goats to needy families.

Of course, WCHS students don’t forget about our Wetaskiwin area families in need.  Each year, WCHS students work to support a local initiative.  Our most recent undertaking was to create a “Jean Pool”.  The idea was to collect gently-worn jeans to donate to the less fortunate in our area through Neighbors Outreach Wetaskiwin.  Students and staff responded creating a small mountain of blue jeans, some outer wear and other items to donate.  In total, 138 pairs of really good quality jeans were donated in a span of one week.

Students at WCHS are great citizens!  They demonstrate their willingness to become involved in charitable work throughout the year.  Read the WCHS newsletter to learn about the upcoming events to help others in our community and in our global community.

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