The Fantastic Presentation at Falun School

On Monday, March 20, 2017, in the gym at Falun School, Mr. Ian Ruskowsky, a former Falun School student, came and talked about what it is like to live in another country.

He presented because Falun School is doing a Culture Fair for our school's Education Week the first week of May, and since Ian is leaving for Australia next week, he did his presentation today.

During the presentation Ian asked the students at Falun School to share what they knew about Canadian culture, First Nations and stereotypes. Ian has visited over 30 countries. He has lived in Japan and is living in Australia right now. Ian showed everyone what he collected during his time in Japan and Australia. He brought seaweed to show what people snack on in Japan and Vegemite from Australia. Vegemite is fermented vegetable spread and it’s something that people would put on their toast. He had brave volunteers try both.

Ian dressed up for the 2 countries he presented. The presentation featured 2 videos, animals from Japan and Australia, and the different food from Japan and Australia. He also brought instruments from the different countries. All the students were allowed to touch his very special souvenirs. Some things he brought from Japan were: flip-flops, a special head rest, and a 3m bow and arrow set. He collected a diggory doo and a boomerang from Australia.

“I really enjoyed the presentation. I learned a lot,” commented Emersyn, a Grade 4 student.  “I loved the presentation,” quoted a Grade 6 student.

This was a very fun way to learn about Japan and Australia. I can’t wait for Education Week in May to see who else comes to the school and shares their experiences of travel with us!

written by Makenna Tabler - Grade 6 student

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