Take Me Outside - Gwynne School

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For part of the afternoon on Wednesday, October 21, the students of Gwynne School
participated in “Take Me Outside” day.

This day started in 2011 when the founder, Colin Harris, ran over 7600 km across Canada to bring awareness to the fact that today’s youth are spending an average of 53 hours per week in front of a screen of some kind. Along the way he visited nearly 20 000 students, talking about the importance of finding a balance between the amount of time they spend outside and the time they are spending in front of screens.

For “Take Me Outside” day, students from Gwynne School joined in the activities as homerooms and participated in four different stations, including a nature walk/run, snow fun, playground activities, and a scavenger hunt. The students and staff had a great time exploring the outdoor activities!

For more information on this initiative, please visit www.takemeoutside.ca.

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