Supplemental Guide to the WRPS Re-Entry Plan

Given that we are well into the school year, the Division developed a Supplemental Guide that acts as an addendum to the Re-Entry Plan; it goes beyond re-entry and outlines current school operations under Scenario 1.

Points in this guide were not addressed in the Re-Entry Plan and are new to staff and families. Included is information learned from our experiences in the school year thus far, and additional considerations from the Alberta Government.

An important detail to note is the change to re-entry points between in-person learning and school-at-home learning on page 5. The division established one final re-entry deadline of December 7 as follows:


Alder Flats; Centennial; Clear Vista; Lynn Lauren; Falun; Griffiths Scott; Gwynne; Lakedell; Norwood; Parkdale; Pipestone; Queen Elizabeth; Winfield


Wetaskiwin Outreach

Classes Start

January 4

February 1


December 7

December 7

Thank you for supporting our school system to take all measures to protect one another.  The safety and well-being of our students and staff is our priority.

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