Student Leadership Has A Role At Ecole Parkdale

At Ecole Parkdale School the student leadership group had worked at putting all students and staff on house teams. This was the first planned event in which the student were able to work with and meet the other students on their team. The students in working as a team have the opportunity to work together and win points that can be used to win  prizes throughout the year.

The introductory activity occurred on December 12th with the support of Hope Mission and a local group of church ladies, the students and staff at Ecole Parkdale School got to sit down and have a turkey soup lunch together. The leadership students set up the gym, then went to the classrooms to pick up the students on their teams. Students took turns getting their soup as they listened to Christmas music, answered trivia questions and just had fun getting to know one another.

The leadership group planned for the last week in December - Red/Green Day for the Christmas Concert Rehearsal and they will be giving out prizes to the students. They are also planned caroling and Pajama Day on Friday, December 16th.

The student leadership group have decided to hand out Golden Tickets at recess time. These tickets are given to students who are playing properly at recess time. The leadership students go out at recess time and watch for students who are playing cooperatively, helping each other out and using kind and caring words. The students who hand in their Golden Tickets win their House Team points.

The winning House Team at the end of the year will get a banner to go up in the gym. All students on the team will get to sign the banner. The leadership group is working hard to build a sense of belonging within our school.

The students on the leadership team have demonstrated skill, ability and desire to work towards providing activities for the students at Ecole Parkdale School. They really are leaders which drive the plans for the school activities. They have also taken on the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools  Student Leadership Initiative Conference for this year and will be planning that event in the new year.  

A special thanks to all of them for volunteering the hours that they do.

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