Staffing Announcement

We are pleased to announce the following appointments:

Jennifer Dalton was the successful applicant for the Principal for Falun School. With nearly 6 years of experience within WRPS, Jen has held various roles, including classroom teacher, success coach, Vice Principal, and Principal. Her diverse background promises to bring invaluable insights and expertise to the Falun School community.

Tanya McFarland was the successful applicant as the new Principal for Pipestone & Colony Schools. With approximately 9 years of service to the division, Tanya's journey includes teaching at WCHS, serving as an inclusion coach, and most recently, Vice Principal at Norwood School for the past 3 years. Tanya's wealth of knowledge will undoubtedly greatly benefit Pipestone & Colony Schools.

Additionally, we're excited to share the following leadership transitions:

Melissa Humby, Principal at Pigeon Lake Regional School, will be transitioning to the role of Principal at Wetaskiwin Outreach.

Jon Meyers, Principal at Wetaskiwin Outreach, will be assuming the position of Principal at Pigeon Lake Regional School.

These transitions present an exciting opportunity for both schools to benefit from the expertise and leadership of Melissa and Jon.

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