Recognize WRPS' Substitute Teachers this Week

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Queen Elizabeth School celebrates its substitute teachers.

The week of April 25–30 has been designated as Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week by the ATA, an ideal time to acknowledge your substitute teacher colleagues' contributions to the profession.

"Substitute teachers play a necessary and valuable role in the education of students. The role of the substitute teacher carries with it many of the daily responsibilities of instruction, marking, discipline and supervision. In addition, the substitute teacher has the disadvantage of not being able to work with students on a long-term basis but is nonetheless responsible for ensuring that each day of instruction is productive. All this occurs in an environment that may differ from day to day, school to school and classroom to classroom. The role of the substitute teacher may be different from that of the regular teacher in some aspects, but it is equally demanding, equally essential and equally professional.

Few challenges in life generate the mix of emotions one experiences as a substitute teacher. Anticipation, exhilaration, terror, inadequacy, self-doubt, self-satisfaction and contemplation are entangled in a web of decisive indecision. Yet there are people who accept the challenge. Without substitute teachers, the education of all students in our school system would take a giant step backward. Substitute teachers play an essential role in maintaining the continuity and excellence of the learning process. We need to celebrate their contributions to the teaching profession and to public education.

Take time to recognize and reflect on the contributions that substitute teachers make in the life of students and teachers. Take time to show your appreciation and thanks during Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week and during the rest of the year as well."

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