PLRS's Anti-Bullying Policy

Over the course of the year, Pigeon Lake Regional School reached out to stakeholders including parents, students and staff to get actively involved in educating our community on:

  • bullying
  • bullying prevention, and
  • actions taken as a result of bullying behaviour.

The goal was to define each role in terms of what they look like, sound like and act like. Further, the goal was to teach preventative measures and action steps to keep ourselves, each other and our school community safe and respectful.

There were several meetings held to form a committee, come up with ideas on how to best educate the community, and develop a written policy on steps all stakeholders can take to stop bullying and help make PLRS a safer school. 

The committee also took on several initiatives that included messages on Slurpee cups, posters, classroom presentations, newsletter announcements and postings to the website. 

Please see the link for the policy details.

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