PLRS Student's Learn About Fair Trade

Pigeon Lake Regional School students of Mrs.Hetlinger's Social Studies 10-1 class were asked to pick a social cause and teach students at the school about it.

One group consisting of Montana Harden, Niek Schrijver and Hayden Durstling decided to pair up with another group, Chase Richardson and Emily Teimstra to teach Jr.High students about Fair Trade products.

You may be wondering what Fair Trade is. The answer to that is products in which fair prices were paid to the workers in developing countries. The groups taught students about Fair Trade and how they as consumers could have an impact on the world. The students played games, answered questions, watched videos and listened to a google presentation made by the groups. Once finished, comment cards were filled out by the students and in both the Grade 7 and 8 classes, almost all of the students could explain what Fair Trade was after the presentation. They also rated the presentation an average of 8.5/10.

Overall, the students learned how to be a more knowledgeable consumer in a globalizing world.

Submitted by: Montana Harden

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