Pigeon Lake Regional School Hosts Winter Formal Dance

On January 20 Pigeon Lake Regional School hosted its first Winter Formal Dance since 2019. The school community was humming for weeks with excitement of having a dance. Pigeon’s students union sold formal tickets, advertised through the website, announcements and posters. They even took time to decorate the gym, foyer and common area for the event. Also, one of Pigeon’s very own teachers offered to DJ and did a phenomenal job.

The dance was a huge success with 140 students in attendance. Students formally dressed up. The milk store was available to buy snacks and slushies. Parents volunteered to supervise along with lots of staff. It was incredibly impressive to see everyone including staff in attendance doing the macarena, line dancing and many other dances together. Overall, it was a fantastic night and a great way to start off the new year!

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