Pigeon Lake Outreach Open House

Pigeon Lake Outreach is a learning center that provides off campus programming for students looking for a flexible schedule, students desiring to get back to school or looking to take on a few courses. Pigeon Lake Outreach operates every second day at Ma-Me-O Beach location. Students from grade 7-12 are welcome to attend on any days it is open. Students are also able to take courses at both Pigeon Lake Regional School and Pigeon Lake Outreach to meet desiring needs.

On January 16, 2019 from 2:00-4:00 pm Pigeon Lake Outreach held an open house to celebrate some of the many changes that have been made to make the school the best place possible for our students. The celebration began with a smudge ceremony, presentation, question opportunity, contest for prizes and of course food.

Some of the changes celebrated were, the change of name from Pigeon Lake Storefront to Pigeon Lake Outreach, in order to be consistent with the other schools in the division. Changes to Pigeon Lake Outreach has also included: new mission and vision, newly painted floors, comfy seating, appliances, breakfast and lunch snacks.

Pigeon Lake Outreach also has made changes to resources being offered to students which includes having teachers in the building who are specialist in Math, Science, English and Social. Other services include regular attendance of Administration, FSL, Indigenous Teacher and Career Counselor, which also includes tapping into our community resources and including our Elders.

Next steps include: better advertising as to where the outreach is located, course offerings, and building relationships with community partners.

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