Outdoor Classroom at Wetaskiwin Early Education & Family Wellness Center

The students at the Early Education Centre have been exploring nature through the use of their new outdoor classroom. So far a music wall, stage area, garden and outdoor kitchen have been built.

The students enjoy playing at the outdoor kitchen and this has helped them to develop real-life skills such as mathematical measurement and an interest in science by mixing solids and liquids. Our music wall allows the students to practice their fine motor skills and increase their appreciation for music.

Students at the Early Education Centre are learning all the time which means that every space can be transformed into a valuable learning environment. Children need a wide variety of opportunities to grow in all aspects of development, including sensory/fine-motor and creative/emotional growth.  The outdoor classroom is a great tool to help students cultivate an appreciation for nature and partake in imaginative play, both leading to a healthy body and mind.

Staff members recently applied for a grant to further expand the space and hope to add a gazebo and seating area so that students can spend more time outdoors in the spring time and fall.

The students are enjoying the use of their outdoor classroom and are developing a love of nature and more complex world view as a result of this wonderful learning space.

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