Olympics Hit Falun School!

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The Olympics hit Falun from February 10, 2014 to February 20, 2014.  During these two weeks students of Falun School competed in activities from Biathlon to Figure Skating, children from Kindergarten to Grade 6 tried their hardest to win first.  Twelve countries:  France, Italy, Russia, Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, China, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark and Finland were chosen to compete.  Participants not only did sports, but learned about their country too.

They learned a lot about their country, and made petite flags that they got to take home.  The events included were:  Slalom, Moguls, Bobsled, Figure Skating, Curling, Hockey Shoot-out and Biathlon.  Along with sports and athletes, we included a country flag and torch for each team.  Every 4 years the Olympics come and so do the Falun Mini Olympics.  We would also like to give the staff and Grade 6’s of Falun School special thank you for orgainzing and running the Olympics.

Submitted by: Keogan Blouin

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