Norwood School Continues to Offer Options

When grade 4-6 students at Norwood School said they wanted options, staff listened!  Allowing students to enrich their educational experience in areas of interest increases student engagement.

Over the course of the 2014-15 school year, grade 4-6 students have been able to choose from a variety of options to participate in every Friday afternoon.  The options have run over three terms throughout the year, with five being available each term.

The options were created in response to student and parent  feedback.  The following options were offered: Science Exploration, Art, Leadership, Pysanky, Drama, Tundra Sports, Technology, Cooking, Building & Design, and Photography.  Building & Design and Cooking were the most popular options, being offered all three terms!

Options for grade 4-6 students at Norwood will continue next school year, as 98% of students indicated on the Tell Them From Me survey they would like to see this occur.  

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