New School Logo for Winfield School

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Winfield School has a new logo! This new logo is a depiction of the features that were identified by the school staff, students and parents as part of a consultation process.

Participants had an opportunity to brainstorm key words and phrases representing Winfield School and how they felt about the school.  They then identified their first, second, and third choices for words that represent the school. Though not every idea could be included, they were able to extract common themes that were frequently identified. 

The designer worked with these reoccurring themes to create this simple design that allowed for easy recognition, is versatile and memorable.  It is representatives of the identity and experiences of the Winfield school and the role in the community.

The two shapes symbolize people and represent our focus on relationships.  Their crossed arms emphasize the caring and supportive way they all work together.  The outstretched arms also create a “W” that is representative of “Winfield”.

The color green is associated with growth and nature and represents the potential and vibrancy of this rural community.    The blue color is associated with sky and water; it complements the green and conveys a sense of promise and future potential. The blue round shape at the bottom of the design is to remind that we are part of the larger community happily working together to achieve excellence.

The tagline, “Cultivating Excellence”, reflects our rural location and our school emphasis in growth towards excellence.

Winfield School will still use a dinosaur mascot, but the dinosaur will be wearing a t-shirt displaying the new logo. 

It is exciting to embrace this new logo that is reflective of the Winfield School and community.

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