Moving Forward With High School Redesign

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Pigeon Lake Regional School has joined the provincial initiative “Moving Forward with High School Redesign”. Over the next few years our school will be implementing a plan that will result in significant changes to the way that our High School operates.  One of these changes involves implementing a Flex Block into our schedule that allows for additional support and opportunities outside of assigned courses.  The Flex Block is a chance for students to choose the teachers that they work with, and what they will be working on to support themselves as learners, in addition to classroom instruction.  It also encourages students to be accountable for their learning.

On Mondays, student’s sign up for the week’s Flex Block by choosing which teachers they want to work with. Once students are signed up, they come to Flex Block with a plan of what they will be working on, encouraging student autonomy for their learning. Flex Block occurs every Tuesday and Wednesday in 40 minute blocks which are incorporated into our bell schedule.

The following are examples of how students can utilize Flex Block:

- Extra time to work on course material

- Opportunity to prepare for exams and additional study

- Additional time to get extra help from a variety of teachers

- Time to work on presentations or group projects

- Make up a missed quiz or test

-Additional enrichment opportunities in various courses such as Foods projects, as well as student services including university application and resume building

 Pigeon Lake Regional School students understand that Flex time is an opportunity to make positive choices in their education.




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