Millet School - Written by students in grades 1 - 4

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Millet School is awesome because we have awesome teachers.

At Millet School we make friends.

Millet School is a good place because we learn new things every day.

Millet School is amazing because it’s ok to be different and it’s a place to read.

Millet School is safe because people are nice to other people.  The supervisors are nice too.

Millet School is a fun place to learn because it has lots of friends that can help you.

Millet School is fantastic because we have fun teachers and they let us work outside.

Millet School is good because it is happy and no one is sad. Millet School is a good place for us.

Millet School encourages us to make good choices. It is a great place to learn!

Millet School is great because it’s a good school to learn in.  We’re all a big family!

There are funny teachers in Millet School. We have fun journey walks.

When it is gym there is an amazing game to play but we always need to know the rules.

Millet School is special and old because my dad had Mrs. Clark for his grade 4 teacher.  She was my teacher in grade 1 and she called me Jesse for half the year. (That’s my dad’s name!)

Millet School is a very special place because as students we make memories here, and we will take those memories with us to Griffiths-Scott. So in a way it doesn’t matter if we are moving schools but we can’t make those memories without great classmates and teachers.


Thank you to Millet School for 87 years of teaching, learning and memories!

Join us on June 3 as we gather to honour our school for one last time.

There will be an Open House at the school from 3 - 6 p.m. followed by a dinner, program and entertainment at the gym in Griffiths- Scott School at 6:30.   

Tickets for the dinner and program ($22 / adult, $10 for children ages 4 - 10) are available at Millet School, Griffiths-Scott School, the Town Office and the WRPS division office in Wetaskiwin.

Call Susan Coleman at Millet School (780)387-4696 for more information.

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