Millet School Pink Shirt Day

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Students at Millet School are discovering the difference between “conflict” and “bullying.”  Through stories, role-modeling and discussions about personal experiences, they are learning that not all conflict is bullying.  In fact, conflict is normal and healthy in developing friendships.  Bullying is not.  Students and staff are being careful to only use the term “bullying” to describe repeated, intentional negative behaviour that creates an imbalance of power.  Young students call it being “mean on purpose” and know that being mean is only considered bullying when it’s on purpose and happens again and again.

On February 26th, Millet School was just one of our schools participating in “Pink Shirt Day,” an internationally recognized anti-bullying day which began in Nova Scotia in 2007 after a grade nine student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school.  Fellow students bought and handed out 50 pink shirts to take a stand against the bullying.

In the weeks leading up to this year’s Pink Shirt Day, students at Millet School participated in “Bully Awareness” draws in which they answered questions which dispelled some myths of bullying.  Thanks to the Town of Millet, approximately 30 pink t-shirts were given away.  No bullying allowed at Millet School!

Wetaskiwin's Pink Shirt Day and the
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