Millet School Inspired by Example of Perseverance

At Millet School, we are always celebrating our students’ student growth and learning.  So much of what we do is focused on students having a safe and caring environment AND high academic expectations We seek out examples of their best effort and share their success; it’s such an integral part of the joy of being part of the lives of students four to ten years old. 

However, we also look to other sources to help our students learn and grow.  We don’t have to look far to find a lesson in effort and inspiration because of our Trustee, Dave Gursky’s, service in the face of hardship.  Dave continues to serve students, staff and parents as the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools’ Trustee for the Millet area even though he had a debilitating, life altering medical incident in the summer of 2014 that resulted in severe loss of mobility.  It has been a very difficult struggle for Dave, his wife Peggy and their family to support the changes in Dave’s abilities but we feel it is an example worth sharing.

Dave has had to undergo many months of challenging rehabilitation.  The hard work it takes to re-learn so many basic movements is only out done by the enormous effort it must take to stay as positive as possible during such challenges.

Millet School would like to recognize and thank Trustee Gursky.  He is a role model for effort and perseverance for Millet School students and all of the students and staff of WRPS.  Millet School is proud of you and would like send you wishes of wellness through the Holiday Season and beyond.


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