Pipestone School Celebrates Christmas


Pipestone School celebrated its annual Christmas Concerts with music and songs performed by our kindergarten to grade six students. The brief video clip is from one of the musical presentations led by Mrs. Anjuli Phillips.  This clip features eight of our grade five and six students performing on the hand bells.  What a joyous Christmas sound!  
There was much more music in the concert under Mrs. Phillips musical leadership and with hard work from all of the students and staff to prepare for the concert.  Part of the success of this year's Christmas concert began last spring with Mrs. Phillips applying for and receiving a grant from the Pigeon Lake Child and Family Society for the purchase of Orff instruments such as glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones, Mrs. Phillips led the grade one through six students in their performances on the Orff instruments, much to the delight of the appreciative Pipestone audiences.  
The concert was topped off by the always adorable kindergarten students and a finale with all of the school's students in a choir that wrapped up the gift of music and Christmas spirit this Holiday Season!

Enjoy the Pipestone School Bell Choir!

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