Literacy, Pigs and Citizenship!

Gwynne School has been busy!

Gwynne School has taken a page out of the One School, One Book program and through generous donations, has provided every family within the school with a copy of the book, Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White. The school has participated in numerous activities based on the novel including a pig kissing fundraiser. Staff volunteered to pucker up and raise money to donate to FARRM, a local animal rescue farm. 

As the novel is based around farm animals and friendship, they felt this was an opportune time to demonstrate and role model the importance of citizenship and helping out those in need. In one week’s time, Gwynne School managed to raise over $320.00 and was able to present the donation to a representative from FARRM at an assembly. At this assembly, the three top fundraisers puckered up and smooched a fabulous pig brought in from one of the Gwynne families. Mr. Stu Wilson, Miss Michelle Loov and Mr. Isaac Kaup smooched the beloved pig while students and staff cheered them on.

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