Let Change Flow - Griffiths Scott School

The Griffiths Scott UNESCO Club continues to increase students’ awareness of the world around them. They have been taking a broader look at the importance of clean water for families around the world.  The theme is, “Let Change Flow”.

The goal is to collect $1000.00 in change and dollars by the end of May for The World Vision Clean Water Fund. Through the Clean Water Fund our funds will help build lasting legacies like pipelines, pumps and hand washing stations. Children will no longer be burdened with the task of carrying water long distances, and people will be protected from deadly waterborne illnesses.

Students have held two fundraisers for this project.  The first was a Valentine Day Dance. All students in K - 8 and staff enjoyed a fantastic afternoon together with music and fun! This month our UNESCO Club and Leadership group sponsored a very successful Bake Sale. $500 worth of delicious treats were sold.

Thank you to the families for all of their support!  Another fundraiser is planned for this spring to help us try and reach the goal of $1000.00.

As a UNESCO school Griffiths Scott incorporates the values of learning, respecting others and working together to make a difference in our community and the world. Let Change Flow!

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